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Most of our customer would like to know how to wash the cloth diaper and what detergent that we recommend? Regarding to the washing guide, we have already composed an article on it, so in this page, we will look into the washing detergent.


While selecting the detergent for your baby cloth diaper, please avoid any detergent what containing bleach, whiteners,softerner or enzymes. Be aware that most of the baby clothing detergent is not recommended as they usually contain enzymes or brighteners which will leave a residue on diapers and affecting their absorbency rate.


From our finding, we recommend to use BabyOrganix O'Clean Laundry Powder  or Pureen H-A-D. Here are some detail information about the Pureen H-A-D:

cloth diaper friendly detergent 

- Leaves no chemical residue on fabric
- Does not irritate delicate skin (hypo-allergenic)
- Leaves fabric naturally soft with a fresh, clean scent
- Does not require softener
- Increases cloth life-expectancy
- Cleans all the way to the fibre
- Effective in removing stains and odours i.e. grease, blood, tar, ketchup, pine sap, red clay, mildew, grass
- Fragrance-free; No Bleach & No Phosphate; No Enzyme & No Brightener
- Colour care
- Biodegradable, Vegetable surfactant
- Environmental Friendly



Do not use  these detergent for cloth diaper***Please Avoid the following detergents as these detergents do not suitable for cloth diaper washing:

1) Pureen ABC (Anti-bacterial detergent powder)

2) Pureen New Improve Kiddi Wash(Anti-bacterial detergent with softener)




Pureen H-A-D




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