Cloth Diaper Mommy accept 3 payment methods, there are

1) Bank Transfer/ Online Transfer/ Bank Wire

2) Credit Card Payment via Paypal

3) Bank Cheque


Bank Transfer/ Online Transfer/ Bank Wire accept payment via Bank Transfer or Online Transfer, you can either transfer the payment to us with ATM mechine or Internet-Online. Currently we have 3 banking accounts that you can transfer the payment to:

a) Maybank (5051-7611-1044) Acc. Owner: Vcare Online

b) Public Bank (4838-8145-26) Acc. Owner: Wong Kim Wah

c) CIMB Bank (0512-0002-9472-04) Acc. Owner: Wong Kim Wah


For making the payment via Bank Transfer, please select "Bank Wire" at the Check-Out - Payment process.

Payment made with Bank Transfer


Credit Card Payment accept credit card payment via Paypal service.

Why we select Paypal ?

Payment with paypal is secure, safer and convenient.

Paypal is the worlds largest online payment processor and has over 220 Million accounts worldwide, they are now serving 24 currencies inclusive Malaysia Ringgit.
In year 2009, the total transaction volumn reached up to 71 billions USD.


Here are the steps to make payment in Credit Card (with Paypal)

Step 1.

Select the "Pay with Paypal" Payment made with Paypal

Step 2,

If you are an existing Paypal user, please sign-in now.

If you are Not an existing Paypal user, please click on the "continue checkout" to do the one time Paypal registration screen.

Paypal Sign in or Register new account

Paypal one time registration screen.

Fill in all the necessary details, and please ensure the paypal registration address is same to  your delivery address in Click "Agree and Continue" to proceed.

Paypal registration screen


Step 3,

Review the Payment details and if everything goes fine, click the "Pay Now" to proceed.

Paypal Payment Review

Step 4,

Payment done and keep a copy of receipt.

Paypal Payment Done



Bank Cheque accept payment with Bank Cheque

For payment with cheque, you can either:

1) Issue the cheque and bank in for us, this is the most preferred way because it will shorten the process time and reduce the risk of cheque sending.

    a) Maybank (5051-7611-1044) - Payable To: Vcare Online

    b) Public Bank (4838-8145-26) - Payable To: Wong Kim Wah

    c) CIMB Bank (0512-0002-9472-04) - Payable To: Wong Kim Wah

2) Send us the cheque.

Goods will be send out after the cheque clearance.








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