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ClothDiaperMommy.Com now offering a great business opportunity for website ower, blogger, facebooker and twitter player.


With the introduce of ClothDiaperMommy Affiliate Program, you can now making money by adding a link from your website/blog/facebook/twitter to ClothDiaperMommy.Com.


We are giving 5% commission of the total sales amount that linked from your link. You have nothing to lose but open another opportunity to earn Extra money from your website/blog.


Your commission earned will be given in a bank cheque(payable to your name) once it reach up to RM100.00


How To Join The Affiliate Program

Step 1, Send a request to us via the Contact Us(you can find this in our website footer) form.

* Remember to enter a valid contact email address

* Fill in the following application details

Your Name(same to your IC):

Your Website/Blog URL:

Your Email:

Your Handphone No.:[Optional]

Your mailling Address:[Optional, if you want us to send you a cheque]

Prefered payment type(select either one):

1) Cheque

2) Bank Transfer (Maybank, Public Bank)

3) Paypal


Step 2, We will review your website and we will create your affiliate program account and if the review went through successfully.

* We will send you a simple guide on how to create the affiliate link from your website/blog.

* We will send you a url that allows you to monitor how much you earn from the affiliate program.


Just Cut and Paste the following code into your Website/Blog, replace the #AFFILIATE-ID# with your own affiliate ID and you are done.


Sample Affiliate Link I

Link Code


Sample Affiliate Link II

Link Code


Sample Affiliate Link III


Link Code





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