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MommyLoveU Brilliant Merdeka Promotion 2015

MommyLoveU Brilliant Merdeka Promotion 2015

3 Sets MommyloveU Brilliant Cloth Diaper Merdeka Promotion at RM100/= (RM108)

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Large Laundry Bag ( 50 x 60 cm)
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MommyLoveU Brilliant Merdeka Promotion


For MommyLoveU Brilliant Cloth Diaper Details, pls click [ here].

MommyLoveU Go Green Deal Package contains:

1) 2 sets of MommyLoveU OrganicBamboo Cloth Diaper

2) Each MommyLoveU Cloth Diaper bundles with 1 pcs 2-Folds Bamboo Insert and 1 pcs 3-Folds Bamboo Insert

3) The above CDs are suitable for baby weighted from 3kg to 13kg.


Why Choose MommyLoveU Cloth Diaper ?

1) Our cloth diaper support 2 ways of insert fitting.

MommyLoveU cloth diaper has been design to allow insert to be laid on top of the diaper inner or fit inside the inner pocket.


When insert lays on top of the diaper inner layer, it will direct absorpts the urine from baby and thus allow mommy to exchange the insert only without changing entire cloth diaper(subjected the urine does not pass through the cloth diaper inner). In this pratice, mommy requires to check the insert wetness more frequently to ensure baby always stay dry and comfortable.


When insert fit inside the cloth diaper inner pocket, it will works like the other cloth diaper and mommy requires to change the entire cloth diaper everytime. In this practice, more cloth diaper are requires for daily usage.


2) MommyLoveU bundle with Foldable Bamboo Insert

Cloth diaper insert usually is made from several layers of microber, while several microfiber stack on each other, they are very hard to be dried. Sunlight and ultra-violet will not be able to pass though the insert and kill the bacteria inside.

With understanding of the above issue, we design our insert with one layer of Bamboo fabric and One layer of Microfiber. Since the insert is made up of 2 layers only, it can be dry very fast in compare to traditional multi-layers insert. Beside, both of the surface can be exposed direct under sunlight and allow ultra-violet to sterilize the insert.


A 2-Folds Bamboo insert is equivalent as 4 layers insert (with 2 layers bamboo fabric + 2 layers microfiber.)

A 3-Folds Bamboo insert is equivalent as 6 layers insert (with 3 layers bamboo fabric + 3 layers microfiber.)


3) 4-Sizes on each MommyLoveU Cloth Diaper

MommyLoveU Cloth Diapers are configurable for 4 sizes, from S to XL, this help parent to secure the money invested in cloth diaper while baby growing up. Beside, some parent event share the diaper with 2 babies (6months baby and 2 years old baby)




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