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New BabyAngel Series: AIO Cloth Diaper

MommyLoveU - BabyAngel Series: One size cloth diaper/pocket diaper that suitable for 0-3(3-14kg) years old baby.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Leak prevention
  • Breathable
  • Come with 3 pieces Bamboo inserts(1 unit 2Folds Bamboo Insert + 2 unit 3Folds Bamboo Inserts), add up to 16 layers of absorption
  • Adjustable to 4 sizes(S,M,L,XL)
  • Suitable for night use

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MommyLoveU BabyAngel Series: One size cloth diaper that suitable for 0-3(3kg-14kg) years old baby. Very beautify and touching design, symolic your baby's innocense and purity with White color and with a pair colorful front wings to represent the angel.

  • Waterproof PUL outside
  • Polar Fleece - well tested that give your baby dry and comfortable.
  • Come with 3 pieces Bamboo inserts(1 unit 2Folds Bamboo Insert + 2 unit 3Folds Bamboo Inserts), add up to 16 layers of absorption. With a single 3Folds Bamboo inserts,  we found that it can last up to 8-10 hours of night use without any overflow or leakage issue.
  • Back button allow Insert to be attached to the Cloth Diaper firmly and ensure the best absorption always applied.
  • Excellent for night use
  • Adjustable to 4 sizes(S,M,L,XL),even large baby will be well fitted. Safeguard your money while your lovely baby growth :)
  • The most beautiful design MommyLoveU cloth diaper, with excellent value for money.


Why MommyLoveU Cloth Diaper?

We work close with our manufacturer in order to bring the best product to our customer.

We do our own design, from the cutting, material and outer layer design.

We are parent too, we care about your baby, thus our product always bundle with Bamboo Insert.

For MommyLoveU Cloth Diaper, you always has 2 ways to use the "Insert",

a) To Lay The Insert On Top Of The Diaper:
With the Diaper Back Button Design, Insert can be lay on top of the diaper by snapping the button between the Diaper and Insert together. For daily use with monitor, mommy can exchange the Insert only if the urine does not overflow the entire cloth daiper.
b) To Put The Insert Inside The Pocket:
Like normal cloth diaper, Insert can be put inside the pocket. Great for overnight use, urine will pass through the cloth diaper inner layer and stored inside the insert.

Bundle With 3 pcs Foldable Bamboo Inserts

MommyLoveU Velcro Tap Protection

Back Button Design

MommyLoveU CD Bamboo Insert Lay Outside

MommyLoveU CD Bamboo Insert Inside Pocket


Basic characteristics of baby cloth diapers:

1. Waterproof PUL outside: It's convenient for mommy to carry baby taking a walk or doing chores.
2. Inner: Polar fleece material in thick with breathability, Preventing skin suffers diaper rash; or original cotton material, very soft and comfortable for baby's skin.
3. Insert: New design foldable bamboo insert made by the combination of Bamboo fabric and Microfiber. Foldable insert requires less time to dry up, it is great for Malaysia rainy weather, furthermore bamboo fabric proved to provide dry and comfortable feeling to your baby for long period or overnight.
4. Bright color could bring happy and harmonious feeling to baby: Science proves that bright color is good to baby on environmental cognition.
5. One size design: S.M.L.XL all in one size. Our product could fit weight from 3Kg to 14 Kg.

6. To safeguard your money with giving you an additional pair of Velcro tap.



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