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Happy Flute - Minky New Year Promo

Happy-Flute Minky New Year Promo

4 Sets of Minky Cloth Diaper

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Happy-Flute Minky New Year Promo
4 Sets of Minky Cloth Diaper, the package includes:

  • 4 Minky Cloth Diaper Covers
  • 8 Pcs Inserts
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Happy-Flute Minky Cloth Diaper

  • Waterproof PUL with Minky Fabrid outside
  • Suedecloth inner
  • Each Cloth Daiper comes with 2 pieces insert(2 x 3 layers), add up to 6 layers of absorption
  • Excellent for night use with 2 inserts
  • Adjustable to 3 sizes(S,M,L), fit babaies from 3kg to 15kg

Outer PUL with soft Minky Fabric

Detail Description:

Happy-Flute Minky Cloth Diaper are one-size, meaning they can be adjusted to fit babies from approximately 3 to 15kg.  The size is adjusted by snapping down the front rise - smallest for newborns and small babies, medium rise for infants, and highest rise for bigger babies and toddlers.

Snap closures are secure and sturdy, making it hard for curious older babies to take their diapers off.  Hook and loop closures are easy to use, and include laundry tabs on the inside of the diaper.

The inner fabric of the diaper is a super soft suedecloth that holds up beautifully.  Suedecloth is a stay-dry fabric, keeping babies' skin dry even when the inserts are soaked.  Suedecloth also washes wonderfully - most poopy diapers just slide/rinse right off.  Suedecloth stays super soft and looks like new wash after wash.

Two microfiber inserts are included with each diaper.  Each insert consists of two super thirsty layers of microfiber terry. Use one insert for a newborn or light wetter, and two inserts for heavy wetters and overnight.

Solid color diaper outer is squishy soft PUL - soft to the touch yet superb at keeping wetness inside the diaper where it belongs! The Minky diapers boast a silky Minky outer with waterproof PUL lining inside the pocket.



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